GREAT LENT – PASSION WEEK – HOLY PASCHA OF CHRIST. Schedule for February – April 2015.

Икона Господь Вседержитель

Great Lent is a time of repentance, improvement and spiritual renewal. During the course of the Fast we abstain from eating meat and dairy products. All our attention is concentrated on correcting ourselves and on becoming closer to God. To this end we need to engage in intense prayer, read the Holy Scriptures and other beneficial Orthodox literature, reflect on God and our souls salvation, zealously and more often attend divine services, to confess and Commune, live quieter, humbler and abstain from everything passionate. Continue reading

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Lent and Fasting in Parish practice

Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov

A curious phenomenon can be observed in the interactions between pastors and their parishioners at the beginning of each major fast of the Church. Pastors attempt to call their parishioners’ pious attention to the spiritual heights of fasting: the fighting against sin, the conquering of passions, the taming of the tongue, the cultivation of virtues. In turn, parishioners pester their pastors with purely dietary questions: when fish is allowed, whether soy milk or soy hotdogs are fasting, whether adding milk to coffee is breaking the fast Continue reading

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Why should we attend church every Sunday?
Зачем каждое воскресенье ходить в храм?

Fr. Daniil Sysoev

Часто священнику задают вопрос, приведенный в заглавии, и начинают оправдываться. – Нам надо выспаться, побыть с семьей, сделать домашние работы, а тут надо встать, идти в церковь. Зачем? Конечно, для того чтобы обосновать свою лень, можно найти и не такие возражения. Но сначала следует понять, какой смысл в еженедельном хождении в храм, чтобы затем уже сравнить с этим наши самооправдания. Ведь требование это не выдумано людьми, а дано еще в … Continue reading

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THE GREAT LENT – A Week by Week Meaning


There are institutes and symbols adopted by nations, churches or groups of men which represent certain ideals accumulated in the past. These institutes, that is precepts recognized as authoritative, and symbols represent the thoughts and feelings of those who created or adopted them and put in them all the experience of the past, often through struggle and sacrifice. Continue reading

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Дьякон Павел Сержантов

This article is available in Russian only. We ask forgiveness that some of the content on our web site is available in one language only. Our web site is intended for the spiritual benefit of all practicing Orthodox Christians, regardless of language or ethnic origin. Some articles are available in Russian only, others only in English. We are always glad to post the same information in both languages. This is not always … Continue reading

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Parish Yolka at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church 2014/2015

Christmas Tree

Christmas celebration at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church in Vancouver, B.C. This is our “Parish Yolka”, our Children’s Christmas pageant, presented by the parents and children of our parish. This year it was held on Sunday, January 11, 2015 after Divine Liturgy.

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St. John Made no Compromises, Neither With Himself Nor With Circumstances

St John

Maria Reshetnikova is the author and producer of a new documentary film on St. John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco. Deacon Andrei Psarev of the ROCOR Studies website interviewed Maria in honor of the 2014 celebration of the twentieth anniversary of St. John’s canonization. Continue reading

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The Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church

social concepts

The Bases of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church are called to serve as a guide for the Synodal institutions, dioceses, monasteries, parishes and other canonical church institutions in their relations with various secular bodies and organisations and the non-church mass media. This document shall be used by the church authorities to make decisions on various issues relevant within particular states or a narrow period of time, as … Continue reading

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Baptismal Sponsorship, Past and Present

Крещение Александры

The parents may say, “Church is very, very important,” but if they do not go to church every week and devoutly receive Holy Communion, and say their private prayers, and pray at meal-times, such exhortations will be recognized by children for the hypocritical clap-trap it is. Continue reading

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