Дорогие прихожане, богомольцы, доброжелатели и друзья Свято-Троицкого храма!
Dear parishioners, faithful, well-wishers and friends of Holy Trinity Church!

Greeting you on the Feast of feasts!

With some sadness we must appeal to you during this joyful Paschal season. Since the middle of March our parish church has been placed in a position it has never been in before. Only the priest and a small number of helpers can serve and attend divine services. This is in accordance with our church hierarchy asking us to continue church services in whatever restrictive measures the local civil authorities, the medical and health services allow during the present COVID-19 crisis. A great number of our usual parishioners have not been able to attend services as they usually do on a regular basis. In this difficult time, we are deprived of the opportunity to gather with our entire community in our parish church for divine services, for choir practice, religious instruction and fellowship in the parish hall. We pray that this cessation of parish activity does not last long.

Our parish church, due to the current circumstance, is experiencing financial difficulty. Despite the fact that services continue in a lesser and very limited degree, we still have to pay all our regular bills. Our parish has less money coming in from candle sales, plate collections and donations, but expenses remain: electricity, gas, the rector’s salary, insurance, telephone and maintenances of various sorts, as well as our financial responsibility to the Diocese of Montreal and Canada of 9% of our annual income. We need your donations to equal the amount when the church was open on a regular basis with our usual number of people in attendance every Sunday. Even though regular attendance is not possible, the liturgical prayer life continues and commemoration booklets and lists of names can always be left at the candle desk for commemoration and sent to the altar at Proskomedia.

Please donate as much as you can to Holy Trinity Church either by credit card (use donate button on the parish website) or send an Interac E-transfer to support the church during this time of quarantine and loss of financial stability. It is much easier to preserve and protect what we have now than to have to build from scratch when the virus crisis is over!

Any amount of money will be helpful and very much appreciated! Please give generously.
You could E-transfer your donation to: clare_cecilia@yahoo.ca
Thank you in advance for your support.

The Parish Council of Holy Trinity Church
Vancouver, BC

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